Wednesday, April 14, 2010

paean to me kroks

These shoes may:
  • inhibit friendship formation with people who are put off by their ugliness
  • combine a horrible nursey nerdness with frumpy flat-footed anti-fashion
  • squelch terribly when wet
  • occasionally let in little rocks through their holes
  • match the beige of my compression stockings a little closely, increasing the asexual frump
  • curtail how stylish the rest of me can ever look, because Crocs + anything stylish looks farcical
  • increase one's similarity to a duck
BUT they also:
  • weigh 8 oz.
  • cost around $33
  • I can hand the old ones over to the clerk for recycling when I buy new ones
  • AND (best of all) when traveling I can wear Crocs as slippers, walking shoes and pool shoes. Just rinse and go.
Two thumbs up!


Anonymous said...

Are you and Adam Newman one in the same?

Elizabeth M. Tamny said...

whoa!! that is really weird.