Saturday, March 28, 2009

* BIG SQUISHY BLOBS MAY FILL KEY TRACKS IN EVOLUTIONARY TIME LINE. Best headline today. Are there porn versions of headlines? Like movies?

* I made a cake! Ongoing and fulsome kudos to Martha B. for her work on her Soup and Bread brainchild. And to Sheila Sachs for organizing Pie/round dessert night.

* I had a dream the other week I canNOT shake. It turns out I am responsible for the collapse of the economy and the erosion of the media. I guess. I was back at my FIRST real job, the one that required a miserable ex-urbian commute, and the offices were being eerily re-inhabited 20 years later as people crept in. People were brainstorming new publishing products and treatments--with Ricky Gervais on board as our special consultant, and I kept trying to figure out if it was ironic or not--and they came up with all sorts of print and newspaper-based solutions that weren't going to work. So they called the whole office together for a BillLumbergh-ian-style meeting and I was just about to speak and tell them how it all didn't work before when...something happened. I woke up a lil. I dunno. I was a visitor from the media-ravaged future, there to save the past, and it didn't happen. All I know is the next thing I remember Jane Fonda was comforting me while we rode on an airport shuttle. Celebrities.

* These things don't quite even really need to be said (which is why they should be, as Barbara Pym, whom I've been quoting all day, once quoted, herself), but sigh. It's kinda gross to see an epic song like "Hello, It's Me" being used to sell whatever it is.

* House of Games on WTTW tonight! When you've done something unforgivable, you must forgive yourself! Yes!

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Anonymous said...

Ah! Your Wacky Cake is essentially the same as the basic red velvet cake recipe, sans food coloring!