Sunday, March 29, 2009

How will you celebrate?

Why, Doris Day Day, of course (her birthday is April 3). That's less than a week to prepare!

How to mark the occasion... Watch trailers for Doris movies on (See below.) Watch TCM on April 3 (The Man Who Knew Too Much, It Happened to Jane) or April 5 (the less often-seen April in Paris, to see how Ray Bolger apparently tried to hog his scenes with her--at least according to her autobiography)? Get in a fight with that one more person who argues reflexively Doris was a professional virgin? Customize a lil Doris film festival? (Just Ross Hunter movies? Just ones before she got her teeth fixed?) Have a Carnation Instant Breakfast and watch DVDs of her TV show? Pet your dog? I'm going to have to think about how I want to celebrate this holiday, a big event around the Cahiers. I feel the urge to wear something yellow.

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Barbara said...

I'm going to be celebrating Doris Day's birthday by listening to the streaming from Magic 63, a local radio station near Doris' home in Carmel as they play all Doris all day, have call ins to wish her happy birthday and hopefully have a call from the birthday girl herself! Check out www.Magic63 on April 3.