Friday, August 29, 2008

Great documentary about Brando on TCM at the mo. Corrr how I luv TCM.

They are making a film of French Women Don't Get Fat. Seems rather as if not much would actually happen in a narrative-ized version of that book, yes?

Cooking Out the Freezer has begun. So far I'm enjoying the challenge, which has involved using up lil dribs and drabs until I get to the big stuff. Handful of sunflower seeds? No prob, will add to slaw. 1/2 a package of canadian bacon? Into scrambled eggs it goes. Next up? Chicken chili. Seems like a good way to use up at least of a portion of the 19,000 lbs of on-sale organic chicken lurking in the back (just add herbs and tomatoes/stock). The key, however, is to not cook so much you end up filling up the freezer again. Slow and steady.

I am also getting ready to tackle (by way of more domestic chitter chat) Mount Paper II. I have crampons, sherpas, cocaine, oxygen bottles, syringes full of B12, mittens, housesitter for the kitties and an agent for when I get back to tell the story. Hah! For those of you who think I'm joking, you haven't seen the pile of papers threatening to take over my existence (I may take photos, if I can bear the embarrassment). If I can reach this summit (I've done it once before, but it didn't stick), I rather think it will go a long way toward...what. Well, clearing out acres of room, for one, but I dunno. Realigning my shakras. Something. I am honestly scared of and oppressed by junk mail and the flow of paper in my life and would like to shift the balance of power in a permanent way. I will not be paper's bitch forever.

I loved Obama's speech. I clapped, I pressed my paws together, I testified, I got up out of my chair, I teared up, I yelled. It was everything I'd been hoping for, except that I didn't get to see my mom in the stands (go MOM!). I thought it was great, and And what about the hugfest with the Illinois delegation the other day and Jesse, Jr. and Daley hugging it out?? Now THAT'S politics. I rather think we should vote for anybody who survives the crucible of Chicago/Illinois state politics. The ultimate training ground.

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