Thursday, August 28, 2008

Well...I'm just gonna say it. I could be dead-wrong, as televisional ADD keeps me squirming when I can't stand the speechmaking and I might have missed crucial stuff, but is this convention not overall just a little dumbed-down? It feels like This Is Your Life most of the time. Or, to be honest, as if the DNC's understood agenda for the event is don't fear this black man, we'll introduce you to him. I thought Biden's speech was pretty good, but so far the whole thing is missing some...tooth. M Obama's speech...why does she have to defend so hard what they are? Why can't she talk about what they want to do? Even BClinton's speech, the bits I kept coming back to before I would get embarrassed, basically seemed to be saying: he's doing exactly what I'd be doing! You can love him too! I'm sensing an apologist tone I don't like, even among all the worship.

The way Obama tore it up at the convention in 2004 continues to be part of why I like him now. I hope he does it again tonight.

ETA: I just mean...if you're a rock star, you can't fight it. Use it for the greater good. No more DNC-milled pablum.

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