Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sonntag Nachmittags

The usual mischung! The battle of the bands on V103 is Jones Girls vs. the Emotions.

Watching a biography of Jennifer Aniston and as she ages simultaneously seeing her and her contemporaries gradually get landed with Cigarette Face: cheeks caving in, side diagonal lines being carved next to their mouths.

I would like to have Waldo Lydecker's bathroom (Laura).

Winston Churchill: "If you are going through hell, keep going."

I love the scene in Mr. Mom wherein Michael Keaton is just hanging around the kitchen drinking beer, watching soaps, ironing his kid's grilled cheese. I used to love the telescoping Improvement montage when I was a kid (query: source of most of my problems, loving those), but now I just love him goofin off.

Isn't it weird that Bob Fosse's Women (a few high-profile ones) had such compromised, groggy voices, that sometimes made them sound weak or sick, but were such pointed, sharp dancers? (Gwen V, Ann R.) I was watching Ann Reinking in All That Jazz and she puts all the people parading through Chicago to much more spressive.

The Actor's Studio with Dave Chappelle was on again...I can't not watch it! So hypnotic. Seriously some of the best TV this year.

What's up with the sister on the Real World this season? Unless I'm missing something, I don't think they've done more than show an occasional close-up of her. Seriously Endless drama about the other six, but NOTHING about her. Less than nothing. Can't even remember her name! What is up with this?

It's as pre-fab as a Quonset hut, but it's hard not to find some of Tommy Lee Goes to College completely charming. Especially the part where he's getting caught up with other people in the drum line--I was really curious how that happened. Oh how I love drum lines, have since I was a kid. Wish they wouldn't muck it up with horns n shit.

Who the hell is Janice Dickinson? I mean...I don't think you can retroactively claim supermodel status, can you? I am tired of her mean collagened lips flapping on my TV saying horrible things.

Speaking of lip OH wot a bitch: Jessica Simpson's upper lip is--it must be said--very in-bred and distracting. She smiles and it goes away and I think, oh dear the poor slow girl. Mean, Liz, mean, but I feel better.

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