Thursday, May 11, 2006

today's top...'stories'

I don't want to sound all frogittudinously Cahiers du Cinema ronathan-bosenjaumy, but Risky Business is a really good movie and I don't think it's that much about sex, really. Maybe it's helped because so many of the visuals are so familiar (loaded) as a Chicago resident, but it's come to feel like it's really about its subtext (I just typed "subjext"): class and money, and a parable where the supply and demand of different classes meet. The goofy choo-choo rides are just about the main characters' separation from their attendant class issues--at least for a while. Heeeheheehee. Okay, maybe not, but nah--I still think it's true. The scene where TC says "looks like it's University of Illinois"--when I was 17 and the movie first came out--was about teenage failure; now the social pressure that statement demonstrates is clearer. Tangerine Dream is not about good fucking music - it's about the consumerist haze we all live in MAN! Yeah!

Heehee hee hee.

Anthony Bourdain looks like a young Humphrey Bogart, esp. about his (I always thought) Gallic full lower lip. They both have the same tiny overbite, fuller bottom lip, long face with a narrowing jaw. Weird. Has to be a young HB, tho.

Todd English is so sold out...does he even have anything left to sell? He's an example of a contemp chef I find completely uninteresting as he's presented. Yawn. Smolder. Yawn.

Thelma Ritter = God. That's why I love the Model and the Marriage Broker so much: you get enough Thelma, instead of those supporting player amounts. Plus it's so groovy to sees a woman running a business in the 50s. Plus why does her char disappear toward the end of All About E? (I've always wondered but never gotten an answer.)

Okay, I saw the GGirls finale last night, if you can call squinting at a bad b&w TV while a young coworker holds up the antennas to get a minimum of reception 'watching.' The Rory storyline wound up realistically enough, although somewhat tepidly and they could have pushed that farther, the elder Gilmores were farcical, I liked Lorelai ending up in the back seat of a car talking to a therapist and the way the discussion with Luke started but then...@#$@#%@#^@#%@&**!! A retreat into emotional cowardice (that show's besetting sin) that was just... Oh dear oh dear. Is this show goin to end with the biggest, longest whimper ever? But then again - nobody can do worse than the Palatinos have this year.

I was watching the new commercial for Pier 1 last night and imagining a table-full of worried executives saying, "okay, how are we going to be all mid-century modern and still keep the......WICKER?"

God I love: lemurs.

I decided it was time to finally watch an episode of Dawson's Creek (never had). So I did. Katie Holmes' squeak-box voice is beyond dealbreaker country. Mostly I marveled at the mean girl from Freaks & Geeks playing nice...hard to see her as anything other than the bitch. That mouth! Like they said about Beatrice Dalle: the mouth of a disappoined Metro station.

Add it to the shows I'm too immature to watch: Growing Up Marsupial. Weepy bonding with adorable orphaned wombats and tasmanian debils. Oh!


sheri said...

I see your young Bogart, and raise you a young Lou Reed:

Lou Reed + Bogie = Anthony Bourdain


Elizabeth M. Tamny said...

Hee hee!

I think that's pretty true--there's a soupcon of LR in there too. I am loathe to admit it only because I imagine it would *please* AB very much!