Friday, May 05, 2006

* Insomnia never a good Reason for television, but then again you never need a Reason for House Party. The original, mind you. Which I already have on DVD so why do I care? How many times must I see it..oh. Oh I do love it so, though, riproaring homophobia and all. My fav lines (at the moment, anyhow): "911? I'll hold" and "I don't know why they named that boy [Bilal]...knowing they're from Cleveland." I MISS ROBIN HARRIS. His POV would be grand to have on this earth right now. Cut through all the layers of bullshit.

* I've now watched Jerry McGuire (never saw it when it came out) more than once and I don't think I've ever seen anything that smells of the lamp more than this film--it is triUMphantly confused. I've never felt such artificial twists of emotion --why are we supposed to think they're 'not working'? Why are we supposed to think they're in love? Nothing there. I think I'm getting a little tired
of Cameron Crowe in general and his nickhornby-esque always-about-guys-changinggrowingloving movies, which often don't make any sense at all or know what they want to be about. I think he'd be a grand director of a STORY, a great script he had nothing to do with--he's really good at that. It's this milque toaste bullshit in the center of it all. The fact that these men often flip around from being assholes doesn't make them human either--makes them feel like assholes. Jerry McGuire is a really unforgiveably confused movie and I really don't mind Cuba Gooding Jr. dancing around in his sweats in it. He is well, cute, but also found something to hang his character on it--Tom Cruise is just Acting to what end I don't know. BLAH BLAH BLAH. Really unforgivable. I hate cheap emotional twists that are about nothing at all. There are tons of women's films that do that too--note--it's just kinda specially awful from him.

* Forgetting all that travesty: BABY BADGERS. Baby badgers being bottle-fed by their human keeper, then following her around in a totally unfortgettable wobbling, chirping mass--toddling strangely unbalanced on their wide feet, stripey fur rippling over the grass, snouts bobbing. Just about died. Also monkeys, with their alarmingly human lil faces.

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