Tuesday, May 30, 2006


...bad poetry happens. So sue me. Had a long day.

There's Always the Aquarium

I want to be
at the ray tray
at the ray tray
with Hanne B.

Wide-wing├ęd glass shards
cutting planes through the blue
edges rippling as they slowly crew
no gravity their way retards

Nor does anything
no sudden spurts, no stops, no speeds
no thing but the tray their way impedes
a steady turn then back it wings

I want to sit side by side
looking at the ray tray with Hanne B.
watching below our bit of blue sea
for the moment all our cares aglide

Yes, right, like the rays in their tray
not roiled, not beat
just smoothing soothing moving sheets
and nothing we need to say


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