Tuesday, May 30, 2006


I have clocked an amazing amount of time watching this show without really knowing any Spanish at all. Or I should say, a minimal amount of taqueria/Univision/Rogers Park Spanish. Or I should say..without understanding it. I keep thinking knowledge will burst upon me like a raincloud and I will suddenly understand everything they are saying, like a 19-y-o in an immersion course, but--not so far. I do think they're fascinating, though--especially Charytin. One way to be an older lady. I guess she had some big feud with what's-her-name --the Bum--Iris Chacon--so that gives you some idea of at least what age might be lurking under all that. She dances more than anybody on Escandalo, though. They all dance, a lot, including the mananchorwhoisgay?Idunno, but Chary more than anybody. She gabbles at the camera with this fierce speedy intensity that seems like it'll break through your TV on the other side, but even that doesn't crack my Spanish barrier. Someday.

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