Wednesday, May 31, 2006

You're a cookie full of arsenic.

So, in the new Tudor book it says that "Amy's suitor" in Little Women is modeled after Tasha's grandfather, Frederic Tudor, who made a fortune in the ice biz. that Laurie--Teddy Laurence? Or did they mean Fred Vaughn of Fred and Frank? Nerds everywhere wanna know.

Okey, so I watched the rest of The Sweet Smell of Success last night--hadn't seen it in a little while. SUCH DELICIOUSNESS. I felt high and smart and cigarettey afterward. I generally abhor Tony Curtis--he is perfection in this film, though. As is BL. Goddamn. The ozone from them. Just...made me high. I had gotten about 1/2 into the movie earlier in the week, but found my brain just wasn't astringent enough to receive the Odets dialogue at that moment. Not a very *funny* movie. At least ha-ha F. Wasn't in the mood for surfing all fabulous razor-blade dialogue and feeling all intact.

So I turned to...All About Eve. As a natural antidote, since it's *about* almost the same stuff, just from a different POV. Provided a very interesting amateurish compare and contrast (*somebody's* already written their American Studies dissertation about this, I know), since they're both such fabulous films full of clever dialogue with at their center EVIL LYNCHPIN COLUMNISTS. Verr' verr' interesting. Interesting also since I hadn't seen Sweet Smell of Success (I keep spoonerismly and otherwise mangling the spelling of those words...Smeet Swell) since I started working at a newspaper. Not entirely irrelevant.

I think I'm supposed to say something trenchant and billmoyers here, but I can't. Except that SSS is at the first a very MALE movie, in contrast to AAE. And the defrocking/comeuppances are very different. And, well, Addison DeWitt stays on top and keeps the girl with his lies when Hunsecker loses the girl from them. They're both major Doms, these guys. DeWitt is such a top. Hunsecker actually cares about his sister, though, which becomes a flaw. DeWitt recognizes fellow evil in Eve.

Well, anyhow, lots of conclusions to draw besides the obvious, but god those are some good movies. I'm really glad I bought SSS. Funny, they were made only 5 years apart--can't make any deep post-war/50's comparisons there. Don't *think* so.

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