Thursday, March 09, 2006


Connoisseurs...connoiseuses...of Good Bad Movies, the quintessential 'beautiful/ugly' (Paule Marshall), will be thrilled to hear that ABC Family is doing a sequel to the The Cutting Edge, called, um, The Cutting Edge II. With...exactly the same plot (as far as I can tell). I'm not really sure what the point is, since, well, 1) that chitty chitty movie is perfect already and 2) they don't appear to have improved upon/modernized the strange quality that is both a major part of the movie's appeal and its ugliness--the hopelessly low-rent production values. The ten people in the stands they move around, depending on the camera POV. The staggered-frame cintematography at the end to avoid showing detail. The horrible skating choreography. The completely physics-ignoring Pamchenko move patched together with weird editing. Call me Allan Bloom, but why try to redo Perfection??? Pamchenko!

While reading GG spoilers (oh Logan! looks like he might be around) I read that in an upcoming episode at some point Luke will be on a bus with his smarty-pants daughter and her friends while they're all singing the Tom Lehrer "Elements" song. No wonder I still love that show. It's not pure name-check-ness, it's how they *use* them. Lehrer's perfect for April, for a smart sciencey kid.

Port Deal Dead! Patriot Act Renewed!

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