Thursday, March 09, 2006

oh marfa

I'm still waiting for that Guggenheim to really get started writing about the post-Jail Martha talkshow, which I've been basically too embarrassed to watch much/write about. It's totally fascinating, though, esp. the opening credits, how they're trying to humanize her and cast off her previous identities. And how she's trying to be all hail-fellow-well-met and talk show hostessy when she looks as stiff and perfectionistic as ever. This shit is deep, man. But I don't need to be embarrassed. After all, I could handle about 3/4 of her interview with Iman ("You were the first African-American...well, now, you're really African, aren't you") before I had to run out of room. I don't know why they keep trying to fit that dictatortress into a happy dirndl. And The Apprentice is not doing it either. Oh MY.

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