Thursday, March 09, 2006


"I was just born with a need to explore every tool shop of my mind, and with long searching and hard work. I became devoted to my restlessness." (Gordon Parks)

Anderson Cooper telling stories of a very "cool" Parks visiting his mom as her friend...I dunno how often Cooper tells his first-person stories of la vie DVF, all I know is I'm agog. Partly because it's so thoroughly the kind of background a newsanchor type is not supposed to have. Too faggy. Supposed to be all Tom Brokaw and riverrunsthroughit (this is emerging as an adjective more and more in life). I mean, let's face it, that man could probably run us up a wraparound dress if we needed it.

As far as I can tell (new movie), Sarah Jessica Parker is one by one remaking the plots of Sex & La Cuidad before the body gets cold. At least from the previews. Could be marketing. Also from preview: Kathy Bates now permanently (?) shunted into Mama group, as is Alfre Woodard suddenly (qv Jones' capsule about Something New in the Reader). A little distressing. (First you're another sloe-eyed vamp/Then someone's mother/then you're camp...) A little odd, too, because I don't think of her as that maternal personality--she's a Bette Davis moviestar type, eccentric.

Small Sanctioned Sightings of Fat People in the new Madonna video. 1) a fat Fellini-esque dude (generally permissible in this context) and 2) a bit of a fat woman--she gets to drive the van! she also appears roller-skating for about a second--who I think was in the first Madonna video from the new album, the one that rips of ABBA (more directly). This is the classic big black woman, also becoming sanctioned more as a component visual these days. Oh what to say about that. Interesting too to watch Madonna try to have an ass, now that that's okay, even part of the beauty ideal. Especially because she, hello, does not have one. You know that's not stopping her, though, and is in fact crucial to madonnatude.

Saw the KWest video again and now think the part with Nia Long is just mean and stereotyped. Doesn't work.

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