Thursday, March 09, 2006

magick of Morpheus

I was dozing on the couch tonight ("writing") and the blare from the ProTooled Barry Manilow PBS special was driving me nuts with its shrillness so I turned the TV off. Irritating, invasive, loud. Then, after a short nap I woke up and eventually turned the TV back on, forgetting where I had left the station. I was in time to hear Barry sing a song I didn't know called "See the Show Again," and get all weepy and appreciative. It was a great song, cynical as he's not supposed to be, setting up this idea that there's a woman in the audience he wants in lieu of this life where he's never alone and never happy and on the road all the time, but even in the song he knows he's not going to do that either, and in the end too, this non-life is all he has to offer. OH I AM EXPLANING BARRY MANILOW LYRICS, yes I am. But it was a *good* song. Cool minor key harmonies underneath. Just a really good, classic, rounded, story-telling song. Then he vamped/joked his way out of it by doing this bit where people put $ in his tip jar and he was "inspired" to break into "Can't Smile Without You" or something--and I was thinking, damn. I bet he really does just want to sit at the piano and sing cutyourwrist songs, like he said. I'd watch *that* show. I mean, he and Bette have to get along for a reason, right? It's not as if I didn't know there were things to appreciate about this guy, but I do love being surprised.


sheri said...

Hi Liz!
I am interpreting this as a rare opportunity to announce: I sang backup for Barry in a large stadium concert.

And it was great fun! Thank you for making my fifteen minutes sound substantial.

What great reading! Keep it coming!

Elizabeth M. Tamny said...

I am not WORTHY!!! Good lord! The mind boggles and I would love details.

I sang "American Bandstand" in bad 4-part harmony in junior high...that just PALES in comparison.

sheri said...

Definitely more individual glory in your 4-part "Bandstand"!

I was part of a psuedo-Gospel chorus, providing backup and choral-ography for "Miracle." We also did it live, on TV, for the Boston Pops 4th concert.

Definitely the most large-scale ridiculousness I've ever participated in - which is worth something right there. I'll send you our group photo with Bar via e-mail.

Elizabeth M. Tamny said...

Heheheheh...oh my LORD! That pseudo-gospel choir...why do they always have pseudo-gospel choirs!!?? Part of the celebrity contract.

Do you remember going dancing at Prince night at Berlin? I've been thinking about you tons recently, just want you to know. There's the world's largest backed-up piece of writin in me head to you.

I'd love to see a pic!

Back to writing - happy Sunday, honey!

(p.s. me thrilled you're enjoying reading all this ranty stuff, needless to say.)