Friday, March 10, 2006


James Gandolfini slumped over like Ferdinand the Bull, all outsize in his chair on Actor's Studio, inarticulate, nervous, hot. He was also incredibly spot-on about *why* "he"/Tony is hot: about how no one associated him with such until he played a character that wanders around in his underwear with his fat rolls for all the world to see, because "Tony likes to fuck." The comment seemed a little raw for the Badalamentitude, but dead-on.

Judy Baar Topinka is starting to look like a rogue Andrews Sister. Her poufe of older-lady hair is getting bigger and more pronounced and perched more prominently on her brow until it's morphing into a jaunty little rabbit fur hat.

Another gap-toofie out there (how did I not know): Sandra Day O'Connor! And her son! Clearly makes you smarter in judicial ways.

Another reason to hate those eHarmony ads, occurs to me: continued overuse of Natalie Freaking Cole and Everfreakinlastin Love, now the required movie trailer music for any happy-ending romantic comedy. Just like the Shaggy Dog trailers, which have defeatedly started using (after first round) that horrid 'Hey hey hey hey" ubiqui-song that signifies Wacky Comedy. I want to know what the name of that song is; I hate having a system set up to push my buttons/jump particular synapses and not even know what blunt instruments they're using.

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