Sunday, May 02, 2010

Very Servicable Salad

- Grate a bunch of carrots
- Thinly slice a head of celery
- Cook one package Lundberg rice in chicken stock with a little salt & butter
- Toast a big handful of sunflower seeds
- Rinse & drain one can of black beans
- Drain one can of nice tuna

Make a dressing (about 1 c.) with:
- Greek yoghurt
- a lil mayonnaise
- juice of two grapefruits
- splosh cider vinegar
- salt & pepper
- pinch of smushed-up dried oregano
- big spoon of dijon mustard
- olive oil

Put 1/2 the cooked rice in a bowl to cool; after a while add about 1/2 the dressing and keep stirring. Add the tuna and stir to break up, sunflower seeds and beans, and more dressing. When it's all coolish, add the veg and the rest of the dressing, stirring to combine. Lob spoonfuls into a bowl as needed to satiate hunger & stay alive! Ages well in the fridge. And you know...has some protein in it. Looks like gruel. SERVICABLE UND SEHR YUMMY.

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