Thursday, May 06, 2010

poor men

I'm about to sound like an earnest sex-nerd discussing life late in the student union, but whatevs: Poor men! I mean, really. Not not poor women (too), just poor men. is sometimes hilarious, and sometimes the boners in question are awfully awkward, but mostly the photos seem to just be evidence that men have penises (and that Jude Law doesn't always wear underwear). I don't totally see how that's cause for such twittery. Or at least this particular type of twittery.

Not only that, many of the photos show men sleeping or playing sports and they look as a result especially vulnerable. I guess any sign of vascular movement in that area is shameful? I mean...the dudes are dead to the world napping. What do you want? It's like people's squeamishness about THO, as if it's an unnatural travesty and needs to be cured, like bedwetting. I'm not sure that these are awkward boners so much as we just find boners awkward, period.

This one baffles, though! Yoiks. What the hell. Hilarious.

There's more to talk about (Frat-Bro Homoeroticism! Prurience! Beauty Ideals!), but I need to go take some Adderall and study for finals.

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