Tuesday, May 18, 2010

And then...

Why do semi-failed culinary efforts always create so many dirty dishes?

I was trying to make these spring rolls [left]. Pretty! I even splurged on some Pantone-bright veg to make it happen.

But then couldn't find any rice papers. So I purchased some nice thin pita in hopes I could make some kind of facsimile wrap-up something or other.

But then it became clear that wouldn't happen (wrap torque, tightness), and it devolved into a kind of fatoosh.

But when I look at the photo of what I was eventually able to pull together, what is really looks like is a lunch special at Bennigan's. Or one of those slaw-based rachealray recipes. In intent, I mean, not execution.

But who cares, it tasted great, even if every bowl I own is dirty somehow and I entirely failed to achieve the julienned vegetable parallelism that looked so appealing in the first photo. A good gingery marinade for the shredded chicken I added and a nice herbed mayo on top. Not spring rolls at all.

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