Thursday, February 11, 2010

The pile-up of puns and linguistic Twee in the name makes my head hurt ("Silk'n SensEpil"? really?), but more than that I'm cranky about yet another commercial call for the hair-free female beauty ideal and its suggested relevance to your romantic eligibility, even when the commercial visuals are kinda cute and abstracted. Cripes. Someday we will all be naked mole rats.

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ConsciouslyFrugal said...

Ok, let me see if I've got all that TV has taught me about being a woman down:

No body hair (except on scalp)=loveable.

Thin, yet curvy, with a massive chest (chest will likely require implants, as boobs are fat tissue)=loveable.

Quiet, passive, adoring, not too intelligent or demanding=loveable.

Agressive, demanding, vapid, half-naked=fuckable (but not loveable).

Skin and hair glowing and resembling photoshopped images=loveable.

Food, particularly the chocolate kind heated in microwaves=oral sex.

Marriage to a man=parenting.

Older than 30=irrelevant.

Ok. Right. Totally doable. Happiness, here I come!