Friday, July 03, 2009

Seriously, seriously considering trading in Cat #1 for household item of similar shape and vaguely comparative usefulness: a set of andirons, maybe, or a fur muff or large heating pad. Maybe a loaf of bread. Anything that doesn't feel the need to express its feelings (or its anal glands) by dragging its ass on the carpet. Seriously considering it. I am still discovering unspeakable acts of feline treason committed during my recent absence, and by treason I mean exactly what you're thinking. Not good.

Speaking of cute animals and the need for soap: the new commercial for D*wn detergent is nuts. Spectacularly effective. Interesting to me that dishwashing detergent, once an item with an iffy reputation, can now position itself as a healer of ecological wounds. Using really really really cute baby otters. Oh man.

EDITED TO ADD: Note the "simulated demonstration" tag on that screen-grab there. Somebody had to coat all the baby animals in muck to make this commercial. Wonder what they used...

EDITED TO ALSO ADD (7/23): I just saw this commercial referenced at, and they very rightly pointed out that it wouldn't be a river otter (which the commercial used) being washed, going by the set-up, but a sea otter. Good point! I was distracted by the joy and didn't notice this.

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