Friday, July 03, 2009

oh yeah, baby

I think I've identified a really goofy mix of dog I might want to get. It's the result of about as ridiculous, custom-made, 21st-century, cafeteria-style cute-dog mixing as it could be, but whatever. The BICHON-POO! Or the Poochon. I feel dopey even saying it.

I met one today: a caramel-colored, poodle-heavy mix and just fell in love. It wasn't too terribly teddy-bear, but very alert and adorable. I think I may go full-on and get one and immediately start wearing chunky white joolry and pegnoir sets and calling myself mumsy while I feed the dog bits of oatie biscuits.

Speaking of all such things...R.I.P. Mollie Sugden. I loved her so. There is a paean to her here (on this blog), and here's the BBC obit. She was a sheer pleasure, she was.

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