Tuesday, July 28, 2009

On my own list of songs that Never Did Anything For Me (ones that other people love, I mean, such as "Celebrate" and "Hot Hot Hot" ungh) is "I Will Survive," one I kind of wish I liked but forever makes me cringe when somebody puts it on at a party and I'm supposed to be all excited to dance to it. I just don't respond to it. Never did. It doesn't tug me in any direction, boogie-ily, musically, IndominableSpirit-ily, melodically, whatever. Meh.

If you are looking for a good i-will-survive song, though, I would recommend Patti LaBelle's radio hit, "All Right Now," a studio song included on her 1992 Live! album. It's not that easy a song to get ahold of in a free internetty way (yootoob has only a juiced up NBA dance remix and a scratchy live version) and I've never found the lyrics, but you can hear it here on Rh*psody. Great song. Put it together with "Home" (Stephanie Mills), "Time Heals" (Todd Rundgren), "We Fall Down" (Donnie McClurkin), maybe "Ladies First (Queen Latifah) and "If You Love Me" (Brownstone), and you will be weepy but ready to face anything, your workaday life soundtracked like an uplifting movie montage.

[I have this thing about liking R&B songs with "all" in them: "All Right Now," "Alright" by Janet Jackson, "All Night Long" by Faith Evans, "All Day, All Night" by Stephanie Mills, "All Woman" by Lisa Stansfield...what's up that?]


Anonymous said...

You don't like "All Right Now" by Free? Dat's another good one with "All" in it:

Or how about Jumping Jack Flash, with a chorus of "It's all right now, in fact it's a gas..."

And of course, you have to love The Beatles "All together now": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KcxkUL7AUH4

Elizabeth M. Tamny said...


I love that song! Was just focusin on the R&B titles....