Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Acting on a pash for all things Chocolate and Mint, I had a surge through Walgreen's last night and came out with Andes Mints, Junior Mints, a few Lindor Truffle Mints and Mint Chocolate M&Ms Premiums. The winner? From a purely chocolate/mint POV? The fancypants new M&Ms, which have an odd speckled sort of metallic-looking paint on their outsides. Outsides which do NOT include the traditional M&Ms candy shell exoskeleton, by the way. Just an initially firm give under your teeth. They had the best balance of chocolate and mint. I like the Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate with Mint Filling Squares even better, but Walgreen's was out of those. Better than any of these? Fazermints, which are getting harder to find out and about. Mmmm...fazzerr.

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karla said...

But the BEST Chocolate and Mint concoction - Baskin Robbin's Chocolate Mint Chip. Can't beat it, especially on a hot humid Chicago summer day.