Monday, February 09, 2009

Much cooking, but not particularly interesting these days. Mostly variations on high-protein Sludge! Such as tonight's, which was very good, just, you know...sludgey: Brown organic ground beef; add spices and herbs and fry with it, then add a big glug of pinot noir, Worchestershire, tomato paste...lots of flavorings (too much for the meat). Add 2 c. of quinoa (about $300 street value), 4 c. of chicken stock, bring to a boil, drop some fresh herbs on the top, turn to simmer and cook, fluff, take off the herbs (I used rosemary and thyme), let sit, fluff again. Really good! Very...unattractive. Good with sour cream. Sort of your basic sludgey pilaf. Have made it also with piles of aromatics (onion, garlic, celery, etc.).

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