Saturday, January 24, 2009

I'd like to lodge an official protest at the on-going frumpification of Kevin James, easily one of the most handsome men in movies these days, but one who is carving quite a career playing every kind of man were not supposed to want. He's obviously participating pretty hard in the frumpifying, so I shan't rant too hard, not to mention he's funny and can pull stuff off, but still, when you line em all up together: Hitch? (clueless about women) I Now Pronounce You.. (clueless faking gay) Paul Bl*rt? (dorky mall cop) K*ng of Queens was dorky too, and had a lot of bad thematic through-lines that were sort of in the same vein, but at least he was, you know, a husband.

It's sort of the...JohnBelushification, if not the frumpification, I guess. And I'm not claiming anything too noble here other than my But still. Must every plumpy fattish dude be such a farce? A hilariously out of control 'regular guy' we think we know everything about? It's such a stereotype, period. If I were a guy, I'd be ticked. By the end of his career Belushi was starting to play sweet romantic roles...hope that happens here too.


Demandra said...

Our local alt. paper actually dissed his latest film because it was based entirely on the sheer hilarity of fat people doing things. (Paraphrasing here) "Look! A fat person running! Look! A fat person talking to a female! Look! A fat person...doing stuff." I don't know why fat people living their lives is considered somehow inherently hilarious.

Each time I see him I think--didn't you do stand up? Weren't you a personal trainer at one point in time? Like, don't you have a history as a human being and therefore more to offer? He bores the shit out of me, which is sad, 'cuz he's pretty.

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, as usual, you are spot on. That man is a demi-god being reduced to the court jester to induce laughs in the insecure populous.

It's times like this I wish I wrote fan fiction.