Sunday, January 04, 2009

1. The funnest thing about Facebook is how it encourages funny new constellation of casual crushes. Different, sometimes charmingly new versions of the same people. Or just a look into their everydays. It's interesting. It's not cool to admit this, is it. Lots of...bizillions of...other things to say about FB, but whatev.

2. Just because I am overwhelmed by their wonderfulness for the bzillionth time: the complete lyrics to "The Ladies Who Lunch" (Sondheim). I'd copy and paste them all here--the way we used to put song lyrics on our notebook in school--but they are long and Blogger's intensely rudimentary text layout possibilities won't help at all (oh to wrap a column). So brill, tho. Elaine Stritch's more recent version got taken off of yootoob recently, so I found an older one to start listening know, I actually think I prefer her older, more lined voice. Dang cool.

3. I once spent 2-3 hours trying to figure out if I could get a copy of this particular photo--what agency originally took it--etc. I would like an enormous reproduction of it on the wall of my Neutra-designed mid-century modern in Palm Springs. When I buy it.

4. I hypered myself into a frenzy the other day reminiscing about this top 100 rok list. I've loved it since I saw it for "the anomie of the vocals in 'Good Times,'" but it was interesting to read it again after a long time and see how I had come to agree with other ones/new ones. It's a really good list.

5. Although I came to it late, like many people in my demo I have the usual quite complicated relationship with Cook's Illustrated. Could write a novel. But for now I note:
a) I am getting tired of their prose recipe intros, especially the reinventing the wheel ones.
b) I gotst to make the chocolate bread pudding that's in the second-to-last issue (I think). YUM.

6. I count so far no less than three cooking shows on the Fud Network this weekend in which the primary recipe featured was fish en papillote. This seemingly because it is January and !¡!Diet!¡!Time!¡!in!¡!America!¡!. That's a lot of en papillote.

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