Saturday, October 04, 2008

Fatty Life in America

Fatty Life in America
A Play in One Act
by Elizabeth M. Tamny

first performed on the blogger stage Oct 4, 2008
an EMT production

TIME: No time particularly fun
PLACE: The office of a medical professional, any kind
SETTING: Fluorescent, icky, silence broken by occasional crinkle of paper a FAT CHICK is sitting on.


LIGHTS UP: Enter medical professional of any variety, reading chart.

(Almost disappointed, certainly confused) Are you [emph] sure you're not hypertensive?


The End

NOTE: If desired, line can be repeated 20-30 times before lights down.
* All Rights Reserved *
* Please contact EMT agency for performance in schools and community centers*

1 comment:

Demandra said...

We could add a second act---any illness at any time can be cured by weight loss. Cold? Flu? Broken bone? Cancer? Allergies?

Just lose some weight.