Wednesday, September 03, 2008

An idiotic want that never, ever wanes! I don't like everything of his, but I do love me some Aaron Basha, especially the classic enameled shoes.

The Chicken Initiative (as Skip calls it) continues apace. I can see the back of the freezer! Last night: grilled (defrosted) ham with a quick sort of red-eye pan gravy, grits with pepper and (defrosted) havarti and (defrosted) white corn. Although now (finally) having had fresh summer corn, I'm not sure why I bother eating anything else, ever.

I was going to say something nasty about the GOPVPNOM, but I shan't. Except that I continue to be offended by the idea that one woman nom should be just like the other to a partisan woman voter just like me. Clarence Thomas phenom.

In love: this Shaker sewing desk. Shaker stuff does not always light huge aesthetic fires inside me (except, frankly, peg board--I have dreams of rooms with miles and miles of peg board on it), maybe cause of all the Shaker in the New Country in the 80s, but really it's not just that, ANYHOW...I've been searching around for a good woven (hopefuly legged) old-fashioned sewing basket and found this--not what I want, but how hot, eh? Mmmmm.....SIDEWAYS drawers.

To my People magazine brain, when I think of Apocalypse Now, it sparks your basic network strike of connections to stuff like Martin Sheen having a heart attack in Hearts of Darkness...FFCoppola sitting in the Caffe Trieste...Frederic Forrest in shiny 70s photos with Marilu Henner...Laurence Fishburne so young he's barely recognizable...the dream Indochine plantation dwellers in the redux version...stories of John Milius in You'll Never Eat Lunch in This Town Again....whatever BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH. But I never ever think about Harrison Ford! I know it's not a big part, but I swear it rarely comes up on his resume anyhow. It's weird. Like he wasn't even in it!!! Very weird. The point being...if movie stars, as the theorists say, carry an aggregate of all the characters they play with them from movie to movie, that is not a part of American cultural baggage I associate with le Indy--Vietnam. Even--esp.--with American Graffiti--doesn't he get out of the draft somehow?

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