Wednesday, September 03, 2008

By the way, I don't know if you've noticed, but post-jail M*rtha Stewart is taking over the world, in ways/scope she never was before. I find her quantum leaps significant, culturally, in terms of what she's selling. Here they are:

M*rtha's Business Diary
  • Here is a beautifully designed bedroom of a certain aesthetic in my own home with an antique hobnail lamp to help set the mood. Here's how to find hobnail lamps (auctions, tag sales).

    • The flavor of what's being sold changes a lot from the switch from just books to MStewLiving/magazines, and even from the Time-Life to the autonomous/MLSO regimes. Adds immediacy and push.

  • Here's a beautifully designed bedroom in a home that may or may not be mine with an antique hobnail lamp to set the mood which you can get nationally at the following locations.
- divorce -
  • Here's a beautifully designed bedroom... You can now buy a hobnail lamp through us, M*rtha by Mail, from our favorite manufacturer. No more "looking."
- jail -
  • Pause, look at pretty pix in magazines (here's a beautifully designed bedroom...), not currently selling hobnail lamps at the moment.
- post-jail -
  • I have a business partnership with the company that makes hobnail lamps that I continue to feature in beautifully designed bedrooms in my magazine, and will be receiving percentages of profits.

  • You can buy an entire M*rtha Stewart house, and buy a hobnail lamp to put in a beautifully designed bedroom in it that I continue to feature in my magazine, and will be receiving percentages of profits therefrom.
These new KB/MStew homes... You can now buy the dream wholesale, is the point. I can't really believe the business partnerships she's formed in recent years...the scope is astonishing. She has her stink on everything. Makes some of the M*rtha, Inc. era shennanigans that we all thought were so Borgia-like look like child's play.


Anonymous said...

??? I didn't follow that post at all.
And what the *&$! is a "hobnail lamp"? I thought hobnails were the screws on the bottom of boots used to prolong wear and give traction. Is the lamp made out of boots?

Elizabeth M. Tamny said...

Hobnail glass...popular in Victorian era; milk (opaque..white or green Jadeite) glass in hobnail style repopular in 50s. Either way considered kind of frumpy/uncool at one point; Martha kinda rejuvenated by taking out of country settings and letting them look a little more geometric/designed. She eventually ended up producing her own through MbyMail.

As far as the other bit...I need to explain it better. Was speaking in code, rather. But it was about how she has positioned herself in the market. It's very different to my mind to tell people where to find objects than to manufacture them yourself.