Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday with Doris

1. Sleep is King.

2. Really sad about Bernie Mac. He loomed so large when I moved to Chicago, he was on the radio ALL the time and I was listening to it all the time...he was so funny, I was totally into his stage show and the Macaronis as he was becoming famous-er and famous-er. Among all the reasons to like him includes the catchphrase (see other blog entries about this) he bequeathed to millions of us to jump-start our bravado on tough days when we need to borrow it. You gotta say it right-off, though, right at the beginning, just like he did. Ach, I am going to miss him. His death makes me think superstitiously about Robin Harris--that's at least two incredibly influential and funny comedians from Chicago who left way too soon...

3. The Puppy Games on Animal Planet...why do they marginalize the kitties? (!!!???!!!) It feels downright gender-based, classic pre-title IX discrimination, as if puppies are boys and kitties are girls and the kitties are therefore girl cheerleaders/half-time leaders. Really bizarre. I wish I could sue in the name of crazy cat ladies everywhere.

4. I really wish I could have seen more of the Outfits in the Lympix Openin Ceremonies, although still photography, man--that stuff is the best. Probably the best way to see it. Ohlimpix are like the Oscars--I'm all about watching the pre-game show for the dresses. I was appalled to see that the Ralph Lipschitz had once again put all the Americans in bulky jackets n caps that look good on such a small portion of the population...what IS it about Opening Ceremonies Fashion? The only countries who ever look good are the small ones who just wear their own fancy clothes. These big Efforts by Big Countries always look so SILLY. Like the poor Russians with their sneakers and skirts. It's funny--you might think dressing this population would work well cause of all the "good bodies," but they often look very lumpy and squashed in their clothes, kinda frumpy, not in a good way. And US is always reaching for this breathless Newport/Chariots of Fire thing and it never seems to work.

5. I have bought a caftan!!! (I know--should I ever point the sartorial finger at anybody?) It was inexpensive--I am the queen of never paying full-price on clothing, ever, these days--it was $20 and is beautiful silk batik--and I am excited. I am going to be LAINIE KAZAN! I will fluff my hair and smoke a Virgnia Slim and sexually harrass the grocery delivery guy. Never had a caftan. This is a CAFtan, with bright prints and everything.

6. The all-day 12-film Doris marathon started at 5:00 a.m. and I have more or less seen everything so far! Well, fitfully. It was suggested (HEE!) I do a real-time Doris blog about it, but not having a lap-top, this is pretty un-possible. I don't even know what to say now, mid-blow-out. Except that they started with a fucking bang -- Love Me or Leave Me -- perhaps her best film, and perhaps the least classically Doris of them all. It also contains some definitive musical recordings, period--her version of "Ten Cents a Dance," "Mean to Me," etc., and Cagney is so good. I think the day's been programmed in a very good, punchy way.

Anyhow gotta get back to, um, watching. I've seen every one of these films, many times, but it doesn't seem very relevant. I'm starting to know way too much about Doris Day. But...that's how I roll. Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian Spring, YO.

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