Wednesday, August 06, 2008

1. Birthday flowers (<--links). How beautiful are they, eh?? Thank you, Holly!
(See Holly's new record dropping this month! I really like "I Like to Be Told" [then, by the way, and now--I think doctors should learn the lyrics for their residency] and "Peace and Quiet," an esp. good showcase for H's voice.)

2. 5? 6? phone calls...4? 5? hours of semi-patient/psychotic waiting during test blasts over coaxial cables, days of downtime, and I think I have TV again (can you say HDTV conversion?). The real question: for how many modern luxuries would you forge through that much beaurocratic hell? I don't see myself doin this for, like...taxes. Good podiatric care. Carpet cleaning. I'm sorry, what were you saying?? I haf TeeVee noch wieder! And two big new ham-bone remotes to lose and mistreat.

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