Sunday, July 13, 2008

Totally Extemporaneous Non Lactose-Focused Sorta Kinda Frozen Hot Chocolate

I was thinking about it, on low simmer, just in the very most back kitchen of my brain, and then I sproinged into the kitchen and did this, without really thinking at all:

Poured a cup/cup-and-a-half of boiling water the jar of my blender over a lot of cocoa and as much sugar, or a little more. I like insane amounts of cocoa in my cocoa, hot or cold (FLAVINOIDS!), and in this case (I had a box of it to finish, which meant scraping out the last of it, as well as filling the container with granulated sugar and shaking it to abrade off the most tenacious powder) I think it was probably 4-5 tablespoons. (Or more? not sure.) Use the pulse button on the blender to combine, and let the heat from the water dissolve the sugar. Add some spoonfuls of Schokinag drinking chocolate flakes for good measure (in this case it was Triple Chocolate Schokinag, I think), maybe 2.

Have standing by your ice tray. Throw in handfuls of ice and let them whirr up with the cocoa mixture, cooling it and thickening it. I used maybe 3 handfuls. I was going to throw in soy milk to keep this from being too melted sorbet an experience, but I remembered I had a can of Redi-Whip on the fridge door so I squozed in a solid squirt. And whirred again.

I don't know if it's in the stablizers in the Redi-Whip or what (I actually think that's just cream), but the half of this drink I have leftover in the refrigerator is still beautifully suspended and emulsified. Cocoa can do that (especially in soy milk), so maybe it's not a fluke. All I know is, yum, and yum. Put it in a tall glass and watch it foam thickly up, dark as can be. Drink it down. No pinch of salt, no vanilla, no anything else in this. Really good! Very cold and sweet. Luxe.

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