Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Note: Nothing, nay, nothing, retains heat like cooked grits in a Pyrex dish. Downright volcanic. NASA ought to use em for insulation or something. Not only that, nothing coats to the dish and spoon like grits. They are tenacious, cling like glue. Turn into mortar as soon as they lose heat and don't want to unstick. Kind of makes you wonder why we send them through our systems in the first place...

But they're so yummy! I am eating some for lunch right now with a hunk of havarti I found in the freezer and lots of pepper folded in. Delish, cheap, will prolly fry up the leftovers for dinner.

Yes, btw, I am aware that many more things are going on in the world but grits and kitty-cats. I'm currently sitting on essay #709 about housekeeping and modern life, for instance (marginally more noteworthy), but I shan't let it out yet. I will say this, though. To acquire is human, to get rid of things...divine.

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