Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I confess that I sometimes don't have a clue why I have cats. They shed everywhere, they yak, cat #2 has horrid breath, they colonize every cardboard box that enters my home before shredding it into 1,000 messy bits, they have an unerring instinct for being where it's least convenient, they block my reading light, cat #1 drags her ass on the carpet, they molest my meals when they involve ham or bacon, they claw and destroy my furniture, they sit on me when I need to get up, they choose to express themselves occasionally by where they poop, they gouge every surface with their claws, esp. plaster/wood/laminate, they knock shit over, cat #2 tips over every glass of water I ever put out and knocks over the entire biography section of my bookshelves once a week, they beg for attention when I'm on the phone, they complicate housekeeping tremendously, I doubt living with them is good for my respiratory health and mostest of all I am was and always will be their litter bitch.

But they're so cute!

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