Thursday, April 17, 2008

The last official bit of open space near my apartment has now been cordoned off preparatory to building a structure that will block all my light and air flow and bird traffic to the lake. And 90% of my view. Between all the construction around my building, the confiscation of the park, the one bit of open land, across from my old job for a smashed-in sliver building, the Spire, the condos built right up to the sidewalk cattywumpus to my building...I feel a little like a bald eagle and it's 1970. I may have to fly. Amazing people aren't buying air rights over the river and building condos there. This is that kinda awful weird urban claustrophobic sadness and impotence that makes people...weird. And partisan. And in the end none of it matters.

Whom is getting this money? Whom? Builders are in a race with the devil. Whom is getting it?

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