Thursday, March 20, 2008

It's so awful, but sometimes it seems like the only real news in entertainment is sadly charting celebrity deaths, one after the other, like a gloomy Madame DeFarge-cum-Ryan Seacrest. Blech. Sad deaths of important, interesting, talented people, their whole lives pushed into a bag, next to, weighted the same as 'news' about britjlohallello at the Coffee Bean or whatever. (I hate the phrase "baby bump." Every fold of clothing now examined for "bumps." What the hell's a bump.) But I am sad Paul Scofield is dead, he was an amazing dude.

I've been really into Suzy Parker recently. (What does that mean? Silly. What can I say, every time I watch Best of Everything it happens.) She had amazing shoulders. If I could re-engineer any one point of my body it would definitely be toward nice broad shoulders. Sometimes I feel like a wallaby. *futile small-handed waving on short lil arms*

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