Friday, March 21, 2008

It is a straight sideways snow day here at my pied-a-terre by the Slip; the snow's blowing in completely perpendicular from the lake, right by my windows, right to left. I almost fancy the wind and snow should be full (a la Wizard of Oz) of small boats and distressed birdies and washing that had been hung out the Coast Guard station and such. The snow's not all that unusual for Chicago in March, although it feels like a jolt in the middle of "spring." It is dreadfully wicked of me, for I wish inconvenience on no one, I'm sure, but it is awfully cozy. I am lucky and blessed not to be directing traffic or delivering mail at the moment. Cor! Tis quite a blizzard.

It is also, today, my mother's birthday. Wish her well, if you would. I'm proud to be but a pale imitation.

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