Wednesday, January 16, 2008

From the files of truth and justice: ONE PERSON, ONE FARE. Canada is showin us the way: "Current airline pricing practices, said the report [of the Canadian Transportation Agency], 'represent an economic disadvantage which effectively limits travel opportunities in respect of employment, education, leisure, medical care and emergencies available to these persons.'" The kicker? "The agency estimates the new policy will cost Air Canada about $7 million a year, and WestJet about $1.5 million a year. That amounts to about 77 cents a ticket for Air Canada and 44 cents for WestJet." OH MY GOD HOW WILL THE AIRLINES, um, survive.

Suddenly sucked all the way back, wholesale, into the De La Soul obsession of my yoot. Yoot-ish. It was quite a trip, that suck. I wore out--snapped--my cassette tapes from overuse back in the day, and it is a weird feeling to listen to a song from then now. It's like I am suddenly given the gift of tongues or something; the rap comes tumbling out of my mouth from the back of my brainpan line after line and I'm not even remembering it first, it just comes. Spilling out. I listened to those first two (esp) albums so's not a surprise. I sure am enjoying gobbling em up again. HELLO AGAIN YOU. Did I mention I love them?

Also gobbling: the new Chandler bio. Nothing to say just yet
except 1) I'm just not sure this kinda bio-format works and 2) it's good to know somebody else out there orders gimlets Chandler-style too because they love him (1/2 Roses, 1/2 gin, nothing else).

This widdle hamster is killin me.

I got to see the episode (one of two?) where Geraldine gets the guy on Vicar of Dibley!! It was sooo fantastic. Funny, too, after not being that funny in recent special episodes, I though (more shrill and naughty). This was really pretty funny, including a book club meeting where nobody has anything to say about Z*die Smith, and a long gag built (bless them) around the great snorting noise Emma Thompson makes when Hung Grant announces his Luv in Sense and Sensibility. Dawn F. is just hilarious. Esp in the last biT when she doesn't realize she's been proposed to. So sweet! Yay.

"There's about five girls in the video...that's it." (Snoop to his wife.)

Nobody take this too seriously. Just needed to write a sad lil poem. (CAN'T STOP LIMERICKING. Holler if you need a poem about something, I will crank one out. Tuppence a stanza.).

Death of Newspaper

There once was a press that just sank
The ink dried, the newsprint went blank
The words that we wrote
Could not make it float
Said us as we walked down the plank

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