Friday, January 18, 2008

Another reason to love Marilyn Wann, one last reason to write off Katy St. Clair completely after her irresponsibly-published piece of no-context-having non-journalistic firstpersonage about her weight loss surgery in SF Weekly (see her response to Wann at end):

Katy St. Clair can do whatever she likes to her body. She can also bite my fat ass. No part of my body is "debris."

Most of the data about stomach amputation — let's call it what it is — follow only the people who report back to their surgeons; i.e., the lucky ones. A recent study in Pennsylvania followed up on all patients and found higher death rates among the newly gutless than among comparably fat people who stayed away from the scary man with the knife. It's not okay to use a surgical cure on a social ill.

Katy's story made me wonder just what surgery-thin women are supposed to dream about when they encounter creepy guys from the Internet. Then I remembered about all the other cosmetic mutilations. (Vaginoplasty ... eww.)

We're living in dark times. There's a witch hunt on fat people. It's called the "obesity" epidemic. Witches (and witch-lovers) can either live in fear, or we can line up the bucket brigade and start dousing.

Here's a question for SF Weekly readers who think Katy is a better person because she lost weight: Fifty years from now, when bariatric medicine is as reviled as eugenics or phrenology, are you going to tell the kiddies a heroic story about how you stood up to the weight bigots? Or are you going to have to explain your less-laudable choices?

Marilyn Wann
Author of Fat! So?
San Francisco

Katy St. Clair responds: I take it back: Not all fat people are jolly.