Monday, January 08, 2007

Montag and the living is easy

Improvised marinade actually very successful. Must elaborate.

- the juice of 2 Christmas tangerines
- leftover container of blackberry conserves for samosa
- dried thyme, oregano, lots of ground pepper
- dry mustard
- balsamic vinegar
- olive oil
- Worchestershire sauce

Throw six frozen chicken breasts in marinade in plastic bag, let thaw/marinate for too long (two days). Bake in oven at 350 with marinade, basting, until done. Remove chicken breasts, strain marinade into saute pan and reduce fiercely. Shred two chicken breasts, add to mixture along with knoblet of butter at end and squeeze of Blaze balsamic glaze you forgot you had lying around. Cook penne rigat until seriously not quite done, toss in pan with chicken and sauce, then serve with stirs of parmeggiano. Good!


Nobody's Oprah here, nobody's Gayle. Nuh-unh.


Mysterious rant of the day: there is nothing particularly kind or evolved or mature or thought-out about the phenomena of friendswithbenefits. Have an affaire, have a lover, but the drawn-out twilight world of the's unkind, unnatural, mean. Not the scale of the human heart, or if so, rarely the scale of two. This is my feeling, and I'm sticking to it.

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mcb said...

word, to the twilight-netherworld of the friends with bennies. It's mean in the classical sense: tight, pinched, penurious, stingy. Both "of poor shabby inferior quality or status" (Webs. def. 3a) and "causing trouble or bother." (5c)