Thursday, November 16, 2006

Nerdfulness & weirdness.

1) I have received my new Panda lunchbox in the mail from LLBean and really couldn't be more excited.

2) I had a very celebrity-driven calligraphy dream the other night. Yes, because celebrities care as much about calligraphy as you do.

In this doozie, I and other art "students" were going to meet this master calligrapher/artist in staggered clumps. His name was...CCIJJO. Or...CCIZZO. That was his signature, his first initial/last name, which was what he went by. I was calligraphing it over and over and in my dream with "ZZs," but I kept dotting them, like "JJ"s, so I don't really know what the name was.

(All I know is, when I woke up, I started doodling this name on paper like I was Richard Dreyfuss with the mashed potatoes.) When I got to my meeting with the calligrapher, Ashton Kutcher came out and said, "yes, it's difficult isn't it?!," very smiley.

Then I discovered toward the end of the meeting that the reason we were all auditioning was because that Johnny Knox guy who's in Jackass and the Dukes of Hazzard movie couldn't read scripts unless they were: comprised of many sheets together, all stapled in the MIDDLE; calligraphed in a modified Italic hand; cut around the text so in each case the margins were mostly removed; edited so that his lines somehow were centralized on all these weird jagged oval pages, around the staples. Anyhow, we were there to audition to the calligraphic work. Oh yeah! I remember being very excited that Ashton understood the demands of the art. Ahahahhahahahahah can't stand it.

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