Saturday, October 28, 2006


my name is Liz and I really don't like Hallowe'en. I really don't care about Hallowe'en. As an adult...I am almost completely uninterested in Hallowe'en. These feelings make it a VERY BORING time of the year.

1) I have such a low tolerance for movie gore (I can't always watch Treehouse of Horrors, even--e.g.) that there is basically an entire--not even genre--species--of TV/movie/whatever that I have no interest in, I'm that far out of it 2) candy is candy. I love it, but if Hallowe'en were the only time one coudl have it, it'd be pretty sad 3) I don't have kids, which would change all this, I'm sure, but still I don't, so-- 4) I do like to dress up, I There is an increasingly long time period where I movies, TV shows, even cooking shows get really really boring. The love I had for the holiday as a kid just has not carried over into adulthood. The core ideas of the holiday might interest me, somewhere, but I'm uninterested enough even in bushwhacking through the hype, orange frosting and fake blood.

Is it possible to be bored by something you're terrified by? (horror movies?) If you never even look at them...yes.

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