Sunday, May 21, 2006

I wanna be a dancin' man,
While I can,
Gonna leave my footsteps on the sands of time,
If I never leave a dime.

About says it all! Pretty good candidate for one's tombstone, along with "I Told You I Was Sick" (my pers fav).

* Interesting that in Malamuldology Harriet Bird dies/evil happens in Chicago. Wot does that mean? Maybe nothing, since that's where whosits endus up too.

* Personal prejudice (humor me): I don't think I could date anybody too terribly into The Fountainhead, but I would like to note that guys who are too into Of Human Bondage and over-identify with Larry Darrell...also a prob.

* The very very great Barbara Harris in all her false eyelashed glory is on TV right now. Every time I see her I think about my two all-excited Recognizations of her at the Lakeview postoffice and whether or not I really scared her away! Cause it sure looked like I did, even though I didn't approach her or say a word.

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