Monday, May 22, 2006

I am in the mood to watch beautiful confused consumerist Merchant Ivory or Ivory-manque films full of fabrics and jewels and locations and beautiful speaking voices, like Wings of the Dove or Where Angels Fear to Tread or something. Not the really good ones, but the slightly off ones. Weird. Craving.

Okay, I cracked up listening to Quagmire speak Elvish on The Family Guy tonight, but that show is just too nastily sexist in ways for me to be comfortable with it. Yes, everyone gets made fun of, but some characters get their own back, and some don't, and the women rarely do. It feels nasty, plus I'm sick of molestation jokes.

Another gap-toofie: Vanessa Paradis! Go Frenchy.

Jennifer Lopez dances like she's moving furniture. V. uninspiring.

I never watched color episodes of Andy Griffith--rarely watched the other ones--so I can't tell if it's true or not, but is Andy on a date with a different brunette in every single color episode? Seems like it. Can't keep track.

An episode of NOW this wekeend dealt with Katrina thoroughly upsetting. Where IS everybody.

I have become a Netflixian. Shall endeavor to net with my queue all those flix that often pass by without me catching them before they...DVD. We'l see how this goes!

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