Saturday, April 01, 2006

oh lord jebus deadlines

I am in the last week-1/2 of freelance, so I will be very variously here/not here. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the interim I would like to kill my cats, who are really unhelping. I can't keep them off the computer, the work area, my notes. I had to jerryrig a place for my last cat when I'd write/draw--should probably do the same with these two (then sell it as the Don't Worry I'm Still Here cat center for Freelancers). It's at petting height for somebody at a computer, like a big overturned trashcan, and has a comfy cushion on the top so the cat can curl up and be nearby but not molesting your work. For two cats though, there has to be two stands (otherwise turf wars). Oy vey blechos.

* The Parent Trap with the two Lindsay Lohans is either strangely effective or a testimony to how heavily reliant American films are on the reaction shot. Cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut

* Lara Flynn Boyle (plural: Lara Flynns Boyle) is aging in the strangest way...either through art or nature. The bottom half of her face is melting into a kind of rictus, as if she were already in her sixties and had made several attempts to keep it lifted up. Gives her a Locust Valley lockjaw look far older than her years. Lips therefore more protuberant, skinniness therefore more pronounced. Cadaverous. Ghoulish.

* I am incredibly proud of my friend Hanne Blank, whose book, her project for the last 3/4 years, will be blowing up next year. I *already* knew (yes, I'm being smug) how groundbreaking the work is, how it is LEAPING into an enormous cultural void, how wise and sane and far-reaching and well-researched and fuckyou the truth is the truth it is, but it's thrilling to hear that her publisher knows it now too. I am so excited for 2007.

* It is my goal to someday be some version of Morris Buttermaker. (WM, not BBT, natch.) I know quite well that those crusty old men are not necessarily all softies on the inside, but still. Just saying. Would like to drive a tin can car and speak my mind and smoke if I want to.

* On that new frontiers of medicine program that Dana Reeve (sad) narrated on PBS this week, I heard a woman say something I think is really true, which is that a nurse saved her life after a horrible operation, not because she had a heart attack or something, but because the nurse touched her when she felt no one would, when she felt so scared and vulnerable and mangled. My goal someday is to get really rich and double nurse's salaries with a wave of my hand. Also all housekeeping staff.

Gotta find a better name for this blog. It is basically a chart of the reactions that TV engenders...the shit that comes out the other end. Luvly! Just so long as it's in French.

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