Monday, April 03, 2006


Well, it's April 3, and I don't know what you've been doing so far today, but it's time to call in to work per your federally determined right, for today, of course, is DORIS DAY'S BIRTHDAY.

So far today I have: watched most of My Dream Is Yours and Love Me or Leave Me, and right now my VCR is taping crazy ol Julie as part of TCM's day-long tribute to Doris. Right now I am listening to the Golden Girl compilation of Columbia recordings (just heard that crazyass song "Sugarbush"...awful) and a few moments ago NONE OF THIS IS A JOKE lit a little candle on my altar under the photo of Doris. Thankfully most of the rest of TCM's movies are some of the really horrid ones like Glass Bottom Boat, so I won't be missing much by going to work grr.

Well, that was naked. I'm like that guy in the book of Fast Times at Ridgemont High who every year on Ozzy Osbourne's (?) birthday takes a day off school to play all of Black Sabbath's albums (or whoever it was). Actually, I always liked the idea of that kind of ritual fan obsessiveness, so why am I suprised I'm doing this now.

James Cagney is unbeLIEVable in Love Me or Leave Me--really amazing. Willing to be completely pitiful.

I'm getting tempted to buy Summer Stock, just because I'm so obsessed with Judy's version of "Mr. Monotony." Really gotta get a recording of that.

God bless ye, Doris (how old is she? 83? 84?). I'm not sure what it is that makes you so fabulous, but thanks for sharing.

I'm off to cough and write more. This is never going to end.

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