Thursday, April 20, 2006


I don't wanna sound like the boring roommate on A Different World or something, but I'm finding this new MTV show Yo Momma pretty obnoxious. It's another trash-talking show like Wild n Out, but with a more obvious connection to the dozens, as the title sounds. (I couldn't remember the name of the show -- actually thought it might be called The Dozens -- so I looked it up on the TV schedule: this show is on rotation, literally, more than 50 times in the week from April 20 to 26. Good golly.) Anyhow, the contestants are kind of multi-culti, and it's hosted by Wilmer Valderama (I guess MTV's demo is quite clear, looking at their hosting roster), and well, okay -- I haven't watched a whole episode, so who knows how they're handling it all, but it seems CHEAP and tacky to me, the way they're commandeering the concept. I mean...what the hell. I've never been that righteously offended by the dozens in some ways (has ever a more meaningless phrase been uttered in life? who cares what I think about them) but there is something about a bunch of people, including white folk, telling yo momma is so fat/stupid/dumb/poor/whatever jokes, that's kinda...what the hell. Not to mention do they know its connection to slavery?? I guess it's the commodification of the whole thing that's bothering the most. Obvious. But still - blech.

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