Tuesday, March 21, 2006


First of all, the movie that spawned the term "The 'It' Girl" is actually pretty boring and self-conscious and not a random film that happened to capture the feeling of the times--the film pushes the "it" idea really hard--the writer who created the screenplay based on her article is even in the movie. I know this because I watched the first half of all 44 minutes of it last night. Boring. Even for 1927. And her hair had veered from a flapper 'do to a ratted stewardessy shag from the '60s, which made me think she was time traveling in the wrong direction just to annoy me. Yes...I got sleepy.

I am getting, frankly, Pavlovian, in front of the TV. Konk. Snore.

Secondly--HOW did I never know this, but Gidget, it turns out, is "girl" + "midget." WHO KNEW?? And now that I know...what do I know? Do? I just...it threw me. It's so...sexist? Probably I coulda guessed where it came from anyhow, but I just...bleah! Am I a gamazon? gibig-girl?

And when is the new Blanche White coming out? How long must we wait??

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