Thursday, March 23, 2006

Je returnee a la, um, Colorado. Cultural consumption interrupted as it is while traveling by the strange vacuum of CNN-Airport news that feels ever more sieved and sifted than normal news, plus a big dose of mom&dad's (my whole life) New Yorker/NYT backlog. I think it's their second job, to be sitting in the living room everlastingly digesting that stuff.

I'm not quite sure what Colorado *is*, other than mountainous.

I watched March of the Penguins again last night. I had seen it in the theater, the night that Katrina hit, actually, which made it one of the strangest movie-going evenings ever. Movie held up (cinematography-ily) on the small screen better than I thought. Struck anew by goofy unscientificness--also, got to see the hunky Frogs that made the film with the DVD extras later. The thing that struck me about *that* was not just how unscientific some of the film was, but the sanitization. In the film, when a pengie dies, they are "absorbed into the white," they "just vanish"; in the documentary of the documentary, when a pengie dies, they rot disgustingly on the ice (rather more expected). Wonder why they didn't show that. Certainly breaks up the great expanses of white and blue (noticed they never talk about penguin guano either).

Best thing about the DVD? The Bugs Bunny cartoon with the little penguin!!! Brilliant, and much more tolerable anthropomorphization than the Morgan Freeman voiceoverin'...let it rip.

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